Ciqa2 Hydropack

Be Unique in Your Daily Activities with Ciqa2 Hydropack In addition to cycling power meter, Qoolbike also have a cycling gear that supports your daily cycling activities. One of our cycling…

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Technology it’s about human-centered

The conditions of the Covid-19 pandemic since the beginning of 2020 have prompted us to make even faster changes that cannot be avoided. The presence of data-based services enters many aspects of our lives. Such as online food delivery services, financial transactions base on digital money, providing online education, watching online shows, telemedicine and others.

Not only individually, organizations also cannot avoid being able to immediately adapt to the changes that occur if they are want to survive in this condition. Business processes and work methods must be adaptable. Like the implementation of WFH (work from home), meetings are conducted online, sales or purchase transactions are no longer offline but must be online, training must also be done online and monitoring the system as much as possible has reduced human involvement and run automatically.


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Smart Bag Ciqa2 Show Your Active & Creative Side with Ciqa2 From pixel art creations, setting up clock & timer playing games, make a running text to using Smart Sign for cycling.…

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