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Digital Productivity

The goal of digital productivity is about working smarter using digital tools. This can help increase the company's ability to produce more output of goods, services, capital and labour while increasing profits by reducing operating costs.

We are here to help Accelerate adoption of evidence-based digital tools to increase productivity across enterprise operations.

Our Business of Digital Productivity


Qinofarm @ Aquaculture

Qinofarm Aquaculture is a precision fish farming (PFF) solution by applying the concept of intelligent technology to monitor and manage fish farming operations. Converting the traditional farming model, Qinofarm’s precision fish farming brings improvements such as water monitoring system, automatic control system and big data management system. Most of these systems do not require complex infrastructure modifications, but only require the installation of additional hardware, enabling traditional fish farms to scale up and even expand their operations with ease.

The traditional aquaculture model is vulnerable to changes in weather and climate because it is passive so it is less profitable, changed to be more predictable, more active in anticipating weather changes and more profitable.

Qinofarm @ Digital Farming

The farming industry around the world has grown rapidly over the decades, as the consumer market demands more production than ever before. That is the main reason that traditional farming methods are being replaced by new technology industrial automated systems. In general, the traditional model is more passive and vulnerable to natural disasters, such as hurricanes, droughts and climate change; they have lower labor skills requirements with less returns and become less attractive for young people to join. In addition, the emergence of awareness of environmental protection and sustainability demands better control of farming operations.

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Mediqa @ Telediagnosis

The pandemic has formed a new habit of conducting remote health consultations through telemedicine platforms. The benefits that are immediately felt are the speed of consultation, it can be done anytime and anywhere, the convenience of consulting the right expert doctor as well as saving time and costs.
The main weakness of online consultation is that information on the patient’s condition is only in the form of verbal/textual information between the patient and the doctor.
MediQa provides a solution to overcome the weaknesses of telemedicine by providing medical tools that can help perform remote diagnosis online and in real time on the telemedicine platform.

Mediqa @ Personal Wellness

In the business environment, the health of workers not only concerns productivity but also relates to the welfare and safety.
Mediqa Personal Wellness is equipped with an algorithm that can monitor the level of employee fitness while working and can detect if the level of fatigue and stress is almost close to the threshold.
This examination is done in real time so that precautions can be made.

digital industry

Digital transformation in the industrial world aims to optimize productivity, increase efficiency, worker safety and environmental awareness

Vimo (Multipurpose Module) offers high adaptability in collecting data from various production equipment and other supporting equipment, especially in the construction, energy, mining, and other industries.
With Vimo the company has opportunity and option to immediately utilize digital technology throughout the transformation process in an easy, fast and efficient way.

Load calculation in material moving operations, whether in mining, construction, or other industries, has a very important role.

Payload calculation will help in increasing productivity, such as optimizing time, achieving precise payload targets, and loading efficiency.

Not only will productivity increase, payload calculations will increase awareness of excessive overload that can increase maintenance costs.

Tracking daily productivity both in terms of load and cycles will become very possible to do automatically.