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Living Green

Living green means making lifestyle decisions and engaging in practices that reduce negative impacts and improve the health of the earth and all that lives on it.

Qimtronics are committed to always supporting all efforts to preserve nature in all aspects of life

Our Business of Living Green


QoolBike @ e-Bike Conversion Kit

For many people, using bicycles as the main means of transportation is a problem because the distance and speed of travel are still limited. One solution to this problem is to add an electric bicycle conversion kit which converts our bicycle into an electric bicycle.
The QoolBike eBike conversion kit is very easy to install by anyone and has a high aesthetic design. The QoolBike eBike kit uses smart pedal assist technology which gives you the freedom to choose the level of electric assist when you ride the bike.


A healthy home and work environment will not only provide peace of mind but also have an impact on increasing our productivity.

Qinotura is an environmental health monitoring system for both indoor (houses and buildings) and open/outdoor spaces. Not only information about environmental conditions (temperature, humidity, rainfall and others2) or pollutant levels (CO2, smoke and others2), Qinotura can also monitor various other environmental conditions such as floods, gas/water leaks, fires and so on.

digital farming

Qinofarm @ Digital Farming

The farming industry around the world has grown rapidly over the decades, as the consumer market demands more production than ever before. That is the main reason that traditional farming methods are being replaced by new technology industrial automated systems. In general, the traditional model is more passive and vulnerable to natural disasters, such as hurricanes, droughts and climate change; they have lower labor skills requirements with less returns and become less attractive for young people to join. In addition, the emergence of awareness of environmental protection and sustainability demands better control of farming operations.