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Qimtronics Control Valve

A control valve is a mechanical device used to regulate fluid flow in a system. This device functions to control the amount of flow, pressure, temperature or fluid level in industrial processes.

Qimtronics continues to innovate together with strategic partners to innovate in fulfillment in the industrial world in the field of mechanics and other equipment.

The use of control valves in industry has a very important role, such as controlling temperature in heating or cooling, regulating pressure in pipes, controlling tank levels, and so on.

This control valve can be applied in heavy equipment such as setting cylinder extend and retract, setting delay for fluid-driven components and chain tension in vehicles that use tracks.

Qims Grenos

Qimtronics Green Oil System

Qims Grenos is a creative innovation in oil management in heavy vehicles, especially in the mining industry.

This innovation will help in terms of oil use, maintenance and handling of used oil.

The benefits of this system will extend the oil change period, maintain oil quality at a high level, reduce maintenance time and reduce costs and the environmental impact of handling residual oil.

The Qims Grenos working system is to inject a filtered amount of used oil from the engine crankcase to be burned when the machine is operating.

Continuing to add replacement oil at planned intervals will significantly extend the oil change period, reduce service time and cut costs and minimize the impact on the environment from handling used oil.