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Telemedicine is the use of electronic information and communication technology to provide and support health care when distance separates participants.

Qimtronics is committed to actively participate in the telemedicine sector to achieve equitable distribution of health services

Our Business of Telemedicine


Mediqa @ Telediagnosis

The pandemic has formed a new habit of conducting remote health consultations through telemedicine platforms. The benefits that are immediately felt are the speed of consultation, it can be done anytime and anywhere, the convenience of consulting the right expert doctor as well as saving time and costs.
The main weakness of online consultation is that information on the patient’s condition is only in the form of verbal/textual information between the patient and the doctor.
MediQa provides a solution to overcome the weaknesses of telemedicine by providing medical tools that can help perform remote diagnosis online and in real time on the telemedicine platform.


Mediqa @ Telehealth

Home health care is one of alternative treatment for patients with chronic diseases by providing a comfortable atmosphere in the middle of the family or the environment that the patient is very familiar.
MediQa telehealth seeks to reduce some of the inefficiencies of home health care in various ways, including replacing certain nursing visits with video visits, collecting vital-signs data remotely, improving medication compliance and patient education. The use of telehealth in home health-care settings will provide a means of interacting in a client-centred manner, promoting client autonomy through education and improved communications.

Mediqa @ Personal Wellness

For those who care about a healthy lifestyle, it is important to have a record of the condition of their body’s vital signs from time to time
In establishing a diagnosis, it is easier for a doctor to have a comprehensive record of vital signs from a patient.
MediQa develops wearable products that can be used to monitor and record a person’s vital signs 24/7 with minimal disruption to personal daily activities

Mediqa @ Bio-feedback

In the business environment, the health of workers not only concerns productivity but also relates to the welfare and safety.
MediQa Bio-feedback is equipped with an algorithm that can monitor the level of employee fitness while working and can detect if the level of fatigue and stress is almost close to the threshold.
This examination is done in real time so that precautions can be made.