CSR eng

Corporate Social Responsibility

Since the beginning, Qimtronics has been committed to providing an impact on the wider community, not only focusing on increasing added value economically but also having a social impact on the communities around the qimtronics environment.

The programs carried out by qimtronics focus on advancing the world of education to be part of an independent electronic-based industrial ecosystem ordering solution in Indonesia.

The following programs are currently running at qimtronics:

  1. Opening an apprenticeship work program for students who will continue their further studies abroad.
  2. Open an internship program for students who need work experience in the fields of electronics, product design, UI / UX.
  3. Opening practical work programs for students as a requirement for graduation.
  4. Opening the final assignment guidance program and helping students to get alternative titles for their final assignments and research.

List of Thesis and Internship