Qimtronics is a team that has various competencies in their respective fields.
Experienced in providing solutions for the development of control, automation, analytical and predictive systems for work efficiency and productivity.
The values ‚Äč‚Äčespoused by qimtronics are creative, solution, cooperative and productive.

| Vision and Mission

Vision :

Qimtronics believes that digitalization will change all aspects of human life to provide a better and comfortable life with all its conveniences.
Digitalization will also create an even distribution of prosperity by facilitating the sharing of resources on.

Mision :

Qimtronics will play an active role in the digitization process by making innovations both in the technological aspect and in the social engineering process.
Qimtronics will focus more on digitalization that supports the efficiency / effectiveness of a process, public health and the Creative economy.