Dukungan, Komunikasi, dan Kolaborasi akan membangun Inovasi yang berkalanjutan

Dukungan, Komunikasi, dan Kolaborasi
Dukungan, Komunikasi, dan Kolaborasi

Original ideas are like raw diamonds, valuable but need to be polished to shine. To transform an idea into a diamond, the support of others is crucial. Innovators need to understand that the strength and support from others are key to overcoming resistance from those accustomed to the status quo.

A real-life example of this is Carmen Medina, a former Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) employee who wanted to introduce a new system for sharing information among various intelligence agencies. However, her idea was rejected due to a lack of status and trust among her colleagues. She then tried to build respect and support by taking on different roles and advancing in her career. This shows that an original idea alone is not enough; building “Idiosyncrasy Credit” through contributions and respect is a crucial aspect.

In addition to gaining support, effective communication is also important when promoting original ideas. When promoting an original idea, effective communication is the key. Instead of just focusing on the benefits, acknowledge and address its potential shortcomings. For example, Rufus Griscom, the founder of Babble, successfully secured a $3.3 million investment by highlighting reasons not to invest in his online parenting magazine. During a presentation to Disney, he started by stating why Disney should not acquire Babble, which ultimately led to a $40 million acquisition. This approach builds trust and credibility by acknowledging weaknesses.

Being the first in the market may seem advantageous, but it often leads to failure due to its high risks. Taking a more cautious approach and waiting for the right time can result in greater success. This provides an opportunity to learn from the mistakes and successes of pioneers and make necessary adjustments.

Introducing new ideas requires a balance between originality and familiarity. Combining new ideas with known concepts can make them more easily accepted. Disney’s animated film, The Lion King, is a perfect example. The film blends the original story of a lion kingdom with elements from Shakespeare’s Hamlet, resulting in tremendous success.

Innovation is a complex process that requires support, effective communication, and implementation. Innovators must understand that having a good idea alone is not enough. They also need a strategy to gain support from others, communicate effectively about their ideas, and implement them carefully and patiently. Build credibility and empathy. Communicate ideas clearly and succinctly. Focus on the benefits and solutions offered by the proposed idea and acknowledge its potential shortcomings. Take a cautious and patient approach. Don’t rush to implement an idea, and be prepared to face challenges. Find a balance between originality and interpersonal relationships. Create unique and compelling ideas, but also ensure that these ideas can be understood and accepted by the public/audience.