QoolBike dynos-X1 Power Meter

What is Power Meter ?

A cycling power meter is a device on a bicycle that measures the power delivered by the rider. It provides instant and real-time feedback to you – through bike computer or mobile apps – about your cycling performance and measure your legs actual power output regardless of the terrain, the conditions, your fitness, or any other factor.

Once you get figures that you can meaningfully compare over time, power meter will help you increase your distances, outperform yourself or others and experience even more fun and progress as a cyclist.

QoolBike dynos-X1

Introduce our new product, QoolBike dynos-X1 power meter is the first smart power meter in all-in-one package; power meter sensor, cadence sensor, speed sensor,  smart mobile apps and bike computer monitor in one package. The integrated QoolBike smart mobile app is built to get the most out of your cycling workouts and also enhancing your biking experience.

The QoolBike dynos-X1 also has features not found in other power meters, such as real time gear ratio monitor and real time power challenger training. You can have All these advantages at affordable cost for all types of bikes.

Most bicycle power meters use strain gauges to measure applied torque and combined with angular speed to calculate power. In its application, strain gauges require very precise installation on metal bicycle parts such as cranks, spiders, pedals, pedal cleats, bottom bracket axles etc. The specially made bicycle parts makes the price of power meter to be less affordable and non-swappable to another bicycle. In addition, you have to give up your bicycle favourite parts to be replaced when using the power meter.

You can visit QoolBike website to learn more detailed information about the FeaturesSmart Apps and also to know How the QoolBike dynos-X1 Power Meter works.