Iftar Ramadhan event with all Qimtronics employees

Iftar Ramadan is a significant event celebrated by Muslims around the world during the holy month of Ramadan. In a company, the event can be organized to allow Muslim employees to break their fast together. These activities can be great opportunities to strengthen bonds between employees.

The same as Qimtronics in holding an iftar event with all employees which coincided with the monthly meeting agenda held at the Ivory Hotel Bandung on April 14 2023.

The event starts with a welcome speech by the host or manager, and delivery of brief materials. Employees then break their fast with with dates, water  and diverse menu of takjil, which ends with delicious dishes that represent diverse culinary traditions.

During the meal, employees engage in friendly conversation and enjoy the company of colleagues, sharing experiences of fasting and talking about their spiritual and personal growth during the holy month. The event may also include activities such as mini quizzes, to build a team and foster a sense of community among employees.

Click Here to watch video of the event