Technology it’s about human-centered

The conditions of the Covid-19 pandemic since the beginning of 2020 have prompted us to make even faster changes that cannot be avoided. The presence of data-based services enters many aspects of our lives. Such as online food delivery services, financial transactions base on digital money, providing online education, watching online shows, telemedicine and others.

Not only individually, organizations also cannot avoid being able to immediately adapt to the changes that occur if they are want to survive in this condition. Business processes and work methods must be adaptable. Like the implementation of WFH (work from home), meetings are conducted online, sales or purchase transactions are no longer offline but must be online, training must also be done online and monitoring the system as much as possible has reduced human involvement and run automatically.


However, in general crises will always provide wisdom and opportunities for us to rethink our potential to be able to face changes today and in the future. Back to the human first before we talk to the technology.

Often times when we talk about digital transformation, digitalization or things related to digital things, we talk more about technology than things related to humans.

The adaptability to maintain and improve skills in using technology effectively will result in an increase in the quality of human resources and technology simultaneously.

The use of technology will always be related to productivity, how we can produce something better in terms of quantity and quality than without using technology. But it will be effective if combined with the skills mastered by the right human resources.

A brilliant innovation will not be useful if we are not skilled in its use and the human mind will not be effective in producing work if it cannot cooperate with technology.

High intellectual curiosity, a never-ending spirit in dealing with new things, as said by the late Steve Jobs, “Stay hungry”, “stay foolish” are soft skills that human resources must possess. Technology will continue to change and develop, but with high learning abilities, adaptability, flexibility, high curiosity will make technology relevant in its era and become more effective and useful.

Humans will be the determinants of success in the future, whether humans as a complement to technology, or with their skills and leadership will be able to drive success in facing crises.

Everything must be started from each of us to be responsible for developing by continuing to cultivate a high curiosity. So that we will continue to have choices both in crisis conditions and outside of crisis conditions.



Article of Digital Transformation is About Talent, Not Technology by Becky Frankiewicz and Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic