Transforming the Creative Technology Business Model with Innovation and Collaboration

The FLAsia 2023 Workshop

In 2022, there were approximately 65.4 million UMKM in Indonesia. However, the development of UMKM’s in the creative technology industry in Indonesia has not been significant in the era of Industry 4.0. Based on UMKM profiles, only around 5% of UMKM’s are engaged in the creative technology industry, and one of them is Qimtronics. In this era of the industrial revolution, heading towards an all-digital world with technology, it seems that Indonesia needs to be more proactive in adopting the business model of the creative technology industry, especially for UMKM’s.

As a key player in the creative technology industry, Qimtronics continues to strive to develop its business model. One of the avenues for this development is the Franchising & Licensing Asia (FLAsia) Workshop organized by Constellar Exhibitions Pte Ltd, held over three days in Singapore.

The FLAsia 2023 Workshop

Under the theme of Franchise and Licensing, Qimtronics participated in this workshop to engage in competition and enhance its capabilities by expanding insights into how to comprehensively develop a business model, especially in the field of creative technology. It also explored how to secure the company’s assets in the context of intellectual property, such as Intellectual Property Rights, applicable in various regions.

During this opportunity, Qimtronics connected with fellow professionals, explored the latest innovations, and shared valuable insights with various brand owners and business owners who support business and brand growth across Asia. These insights will serve as a foundation for Qimtronics to develop the business model of the Creative Technology Industry in Indonesia.

The FLAsia 2023 Workshop provided Qimtronics with the opportunity to build valuable networks in the business world at a regional level. Through discussions, meetings, and shared experiences, Qimtronics opened doors to potential partnerships that could reshape the future with innovation. Qimtronics believes that collaboration is the key to bringing about greater innovation and serving our customers even better.

The future is all about collaboration, and Qimtronics is always ready and open to establish relationships with stakeholders in various business sectors, both at the national and regional levels.