A visit from Pelita Harapan University to the creative culinary ‘Atsumaru’ at Qimtronics

On the November 28, 2022, there was a visit from UPH (Pelita Harapan University) Faculty of Tourism with a concentration on pastry to Salatri 13 Cafe, specifically to Atsumaru Japanese Ice Cream products.

With a total of 47 participants including lecturers, UPH’s visit was part of 3-day field trip series in Bandung, and the first day was a visit to Atsumaru in Bandung.

The main objective of this visit was to find out how Atsumaru Japanese Ice Cream was originally formed and why it became one of the creative culinary destinations in Bandung. In the final session, each participant was given the opportunity to make their own Japanese ice cream, which is specialty of Atsumaru.