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Digital Lifestyle

Digital lifestyle describes the progress of merging information technology with everyday life. That is why the trend toward a digital lifestyle is also noticeable in more and more areas.

Qimtronics participates by providing various creative solutions that can meet the desired digital lifestyle

Our Business of Digital Lifestyle


Qimtronics continues to innovate in developing smart devices to support a digital lifestyle. The focus of the development of these tools is mainly on :

  • Produce maximum productivity either at home or at work
  • Efficiency in spending
  • Be more up-to-date
  • Become smarter
  • Support healthy lifestyle
smart tumbler

QoolBike @ smartbike concept

Bicycles are a mode of land transportation that is relatively cheap, practical, and safe for the environment.
Cycling can help protect you from serious illnesses such as stroke, heart attack, some cancers, depression, diabetes, obesity, and arthritis.
Besides being beneficial for health, cycling also has many other benefits that can be felt. Cycling can also provide new adventures to enjoy whether alone, with family or with friends.

QoolBike SmartBike concept includes the concept of SmartRider too, in addition to reading the sensor of bicycle motions (Speed / Cadence, Power, Cycling Dynamic, Gear Ratio / Gear Shifter etc) we will also read rider’s vital Sign like; Heart rate, Body Temp, Fatigue & Stress Level, Hydration Level etc. With this concept, we expected you not only getting healthier but also felt safe and fun in cycling.


A healthy home and work environment will not only provide peace of mind but also have an impact on increasing our productivity.

Qinotura is an environmental health monitoring system for both indoor (houses and buildings) and open/outdoor spaces. Not only information about environmental conditions (temperature, humidity, rainfall and others2) or pollutant levels (CO2, smoke and others2), Qinotura can also monitor various other environmental conditions such as floods, gas/water leaks, fires and so on.

qinotura nature
urban farming

Qinofarm @ Urban Farming

Urban farming means utilizing open space into productive green land. Narrow planting land in big cities, making urban farming activities can be done anywhere, such as in the yard, office, balcony and even the roof of the house.

Digitizing urban farming makes your farming activities even more enjoyable. You’ll never forget to water, skip a fertilizing application or just provide enough sun in the middle of your busy day.


Smart Aquarium Controller

The innovative technology focused on creating a natural and healthy environment for your fish.

Fish keeping hobby in aquarium is not an easy job. It has always been headache to take care of the fish and aquariums if we must do all these steps manually; we have to change water and feed the fish regularly in exact dose, maintain temperature and turbidity level of the water and we must always keep an eye on fish and aquarium.
With Aorafish no more pain again with your aquarium’s fish keeping hobby.


Mediqa @ Telediagnosis

The pandemic has formed a new habit of conducting remote health consultations through telemedicine platforms. The benefits that are immediately felt are the speed of consultation, it can be done anytime and anywhere, the convenience of consulting the right expert doctor as well as saving time and costs.
The main weakness of online consultation is that information on the patient’s condition is only in the form of verbal/textual information between the patient and the doctor.
MediQa provides a solution to overcome the weaknesses of telemedicine by providing medical tools that can help perform remote diagnosis online and in real time on the telemedicine platform.

Mediqa @ Personal Wellness

For those who care about a healthy lifestyle, it is important to have a record of the condition of their body’s vital signs from time to time.
In establishing a diagnosis, it is easier for a doctor to have a comprehensive record of vital signs from a patient.
MediQa develops wearable products that can be used to monitor and record a person’s vital signs 24/7 with minimal disruption to personal daily activities.


Enjoying coffee has become part of today’s lifestyle
The taste of each type of coffee is very unique, nothing is the same from one type of coffee bean to another.
One of the most popular brewing methods to bring out the unique taste of coffee is the V60 brewing technique which is well known and can be practiced by almost any coffee lover anywhere.
However, to be able to get a consistent taste from each brewery requires high accuracy in the brewing process, including; grind size, coffee water ratio, water temperature and brewing time interval during the process.
The V60 brewing technique also produces many recipes from world champion baristas that are worth a try for coffee lovers.

The Qohua smart brewer provides the experience of enjoying the taste of coffee from all recipes from around the world from your home.

Bring out the best taste of coffee


It doesn’t matter whether you
Want to be noticeable in the crowd or…
want to express your feelings in a spectacular way or…
just want to feel safe when cycling or jogging
CiQa2 can provide it all

Light up your life, make your life full of inspiration, hope and wonder

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